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Dhaka National Medical College is one of the top ranking private medical college in Bangladesh, which was established in 1994. The mission of Dhaka National Medical College is to strive for advances in society through medical education, research and healthcare.

Academic environment of this medical college enables us to educate outstanding students to become healthcare professionals; patients can believe in, scientist’s capable to innovative discoveries and inventions and global citizens ready to serve the society.

Ever since the establishment of Dhaka National Medical College, the aim of this medical college is to educate Physicians who are well versed in both the scientific and humanitarian aspects of medicine.

Over last 20 years Dhaka National Medical College has produced a lot of physicians who has excellent skills and spirits. The Campus of this Medical College is located in the heart of the Metropolitan Dhaka. This medical college takes pride in accepting a large number of foreign students every year. Now the world of academic is without border.

I believe that healing the soul with warm heart is just as important as treating of the human body. I hope Dhaka National Medical College will be able to maintain it’s strong commitment to produce world class physicians.


With every good wishes.


 Professor M. Iqbal Arslan
Governing Body
Dhaka National Medical College


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